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We offer you the opportunity to earn FREE Crypto Currency while playing our Faucet Games

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FocusToken, our very own custom Cryptocurrency

FocusGames is the official distribution center of FGN, the backbone of the Focus Gaming Network

Become a VIP and gain the upper hand

Level up faster than other players, avoid Captchas, higher referral earnings, and the best of all: Autoplay

We offer you the opportunity to earn FREE Crypto Currency

You always win

How is that possible? Because the majority of our casino games are rigged to favour the player and not the house!

Earn big with Surveys

Compete with other users to reach the top of the leaderboard while earning BIG REWARDS and unlocking unique abilities

Competitive Social Gaming

We offer a unique social gaming experience where you can level up, chat with other players, and compete to be at the top

Daily Activity Bonuses

Earn bonuses like extra FGN, EXP and other streak rewards by finishing daily goals. You won't want to miss these.

Introducing FocusToken by the Focus Gaming Network

FocusToken, FGN, is our very own digital currency

Powered by the TRON network and using the TRC20 standard, we created a token that allows us to build and evolve our network of games and services.

The best bit? It's obtained completely free via our Faucet Distribution Model, the Focus Gaming Network.

Yes, that's right. You get FGN FREE by playing games here at FocusGames!


FocusToken Distributed

Total Games Played

Time Since Launch

676d 8h 8s

FocusGames is a 100% free FocusToken Faucet

Our faucet is dedicated to providing users professional experiences of earning free FocusToken while playing casino-style faucet games.

FocusGames is a completely free-to-use FocusToken faucet website where deposits are not allowed. FocusGames makes it easy for users to earn free FGN while making friends and socializing with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts online.

What is a Cryptocurrency Faucet?

A faucet is a website dedicated to "dripping" free crypto-currency into user's hands.

A traditional faucet has a user complete small task like solving a simple puzzle, filling out a captcha, or a small game. At FocusGames we reinvented the concept of crypto-currency faucet forever.

Instead of completing meaningless tasks, you earn by playing games. leveling up your account, and unlocking additional game elements to make the experience long-lasting and fun.

How do I earn free FocusToken?

We offer many ways for you to earn free FocusToken here at FocusGames

Our casino-style faucet games are free to play (and always will be), along with our Focus Token faucet, where you can earn as much as you can in TURBO MODE!

Additionally, FocusGames hosts Bonus Weekend every Saturday and Sunday, where the FocusToken faucet amount is increased! Finally, we reward you with a Daily Bonus (yup, every day) based on your user level, which you can upgrade using your FGN that you earn while playing for free!

Earning and playing has never been easier!

FocusGames is very simple to use

It should be easy enough to figure out how to get setup and start earning FocusToken today. If you run into any trouble, no problem. Our dedicated members and moderation team in chat will help you out.

We send FGN to your wallet via our MicroWallet which keeps track of pending payouts and earnings. Once you reach the payment threshold your cryptocurrency is sent to your wallet address on the blockchain!

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