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VIP status gives you access to many exclusive rewards and benefits such as discounts on Level Upgrades, Boosters to rewards and Referral income, access to Autoplay Bots for games and usage of VIP Coins!

That's not all, there's a lot more benefits VIP gives you.

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Meet VIP Coins, the keys to your VIP experience

VIP Coins give you complete control over your VIP status by providing direct access to the amount of VIP you have remaining on your account. VIP is a currency, and 1 coin is equal to 1 real-world second of VIP status. It benefits from all the other functionality of a currency: it can be tipped, rained, traded with other users in exchange for something else, and can be played with.

Your VIP Coins balance counts down every second. Once they run out, your VIP status expires.

Exclusive VIP Benefits

The following benefits are included in all VIP subscriptions

Auto-Play Bots

Unlock access to powerful auto-play tools enhancing your gaming experience!

Exclusive Chatroom

Join the rest of the VIP family with the exclusive VIP chat room!

Username Decoration

Gain a star next to your name in chat, so everyone knows you are a VIP.

Daily Bonus Boost

Boost ALL Daily Bonus rewards by an additional +10%.

Referral Earning Increase

All referral earnings you earn get boosted by +5%.

Captchas Hidden

No more Captchas on game play!
But still on the Turbo Faucet!

Store Item Discount

Get 10% discount on all purchases made on Store items!

Level Upgrade Discount

Get 10% discount on purchased Level Upgrades!

Username CSS Discount

Change your Chat CSS at a discounted price versus non-VIPs!

CSS Everywhere

Want to show off your CSS outside the chat? Now you can show it everywhere!

Clickable Chat Ads

AD messages posted with links become clickable!

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