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Oct 146:59 am


Yesterday we added popunders.

Don't get scared if you see a new tab opening in your browsers.
It's just another form of advertising from our partner advertiser network, CoinZIlla.


Please do not spam referral links. You will be banned.

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tenej - 3 months ago

Honestly I start to become boring with this site. I know that ADS are important thing to keep site alive, but after launching PTC site, I start to feel this site lost his own soul and become platform for advertising and promoting, because after several deflation of FGN it not worth to spend several hours every day to earn shame 1.5 TRX (at current rate) Again, I am pretty ok with any kind of ads, but I hope that we will see some changes which will be satisfy members also, not just an owner. Otherwise, I am scared that this great "old project" with big potential will become dead much faster I expect

The pop-ups seem to take over If you get a jackpot on the wheel on mobile you get taken completely off the page to their page and if you are not aware of it you now are no longer running jackpot because that pop is now made a priority over the actual window that you were running wheel, and it wont run the auto behind that now new pop up window, The ads on the faucet that were added before the new faucet pop up already moved the page so much that you are constantly misclick and then again being pushed off to a new page and now we have the new addition that does its own thing as well like on the wheel and opens its own tab whenever it feels like it, honestly the ads should not be affecting gameplay, I'm not here to rant but now I spend most of my time fighting with ads. Why cant there be an ads page like there is got this new page for the super aggressive ads that are on there? just a thougth

kmlgzl1 - 2 months ago

everything is fine. but withdrawal limit very low :( you increase

anneaku23 - 3 months ago

Tidak masalah deng iklan yang ada,