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Site on sale until end of Jan. If not sold, it's closing

Jan 078:34 pm

Unfortunately, due to lack of time and getting pissed on TRON in general, I am not able to continue FocusGames anymore.
The solution is simple. Just create a new token on BSC and continue with the site. The site is still profitable (makes around $1-1.5k/month from various streams without much time invested) .

So. I am putting the site on sale. If it's not sold by the end of January, I'll need to give an end to it.
The price is $10k.
If anyone is interested, please contact at [email protected]


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Sourgrapes - 11 days ago

I've always found you a social feeling guy, but this is really a cowardly escape of you, if i may say so.
You had lots of people counting on you and your sites, and you managed to disappoint them time after time, without ever giving a satisfying explanation. As it happens, the only one who profited from this site wasyou, too many people have lost lots of money, i don't thinkthey will be very happy with you.

BU-Coin - 11 days ago

Great you have made profit and decided to move on! But before you go and at the end of Jan 2022 are you intended to resolve Withdrawal limit bug so that we can have the hard earn FGN token? Or are we going to be left with empty handed? Any support and help from site owner please? Thanks

Prince_Vegeta - 10 days ago

Yeah I'd also like to know what's the solution for us users that are sitting with 23.9 Million FGN. We must surely be allowed to withdraw or make it possible for us to exchange ingame and withdraw to our personal wallets?

maro3 - 11 days ago

i lost a lot of time and wallet balance that you cant withdraw. plus you have a good website ranking and goof profits from offers we did.
never ever join a site like faucethub or focusgames

kiemtienonline21 - 11 days ago

Withdraw ?

Champ - 10 days ago

Is there a chance for our FGN balance here be sent to our wallet addresses if ever this site closes?

I tried withdrawing but it only shows something like I am no longer able to withdraw as I have withdrawn 200,000 FGN today. How could that be possible when I just came back here today and my withdraw limit is just 58000 FGN.

Also, I checked tronlink, last received transaction was on September 2021.

ducderichelieu - 11 days ago

hi, can you in the meanwhile look into the issue to log in with google chrome, as we all get the "IP" message

Nava1996 - 10 days ago

The site is good, we can withdraw 100k fgn which less than 5 cents. I want to convert all fgn balance to trx and withdraw it. Its my right

omides66 - 4 days ago

why i can not withdraw my fgn?
please help me

BU-Coin - 3 days ago

It doesn't look like that support and help from site owner is coming soon here. If anyone interested with legitimate earning real BTC look me up BU-Coin at twitter, and use the link. Just last week I transferred real BTC direct to my wallet, hassle free. Thanks everyone.