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Withdraws update

Feb 217:31 pm


as many of you noticed in the last days, there were some issues with withdrawing FGN from the site.

The reason is that TRON had a vote to increase transaction fees on the network by x3.5.
TRX from the wallet got drained faster than we anticipated, so we had to take measurements for the future.

We bought $5.000 worth of TRX and are staking them now so we can gain energy in order to process withdrawals.

From now on, minimum withdrawal amounts have been raised by x5, in order to maintain a sustainable ecosystem here on FG.

Apologies for the trouble.


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viktorgr - 14 days ago

Where can you sell fgn?

smalis4s - 15 days ago

What happens to the withdrawal amount that was initiated ,will it be returned back

dukesman24 - 15 days ago

ok, plz does this mean that the withdrawal issues has been sorted?

ajay1020 - 14 days ago

Max 5$ tron holding wont give enough energy to sell how you expect to make withdrawal...but still you know better