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Jul 0712:00 pm

Nowadays we get bored of every website we visit because we have visited it a gazillion times. is making sure you never get bored while you spend your time on here, with so many new things to do!

In March 2020 we relaunched and re-branded to, along with introducing FocusToken [FGN]; our TRON TRC20 token.

Between March and 6th July 2020, we gained over 33,000+ members who returned or discovered for the first time the magic of the classic social gaming experience of FG.

In the original version of FaucetGame from 2016-2018 we had over 200.000+ users registered, and would like to welcome them back today to experience the new magic.

FGN (or Focus Gaming Network token) is our primary currency which can be considered as a *utility* token. FGN can be used to purchase VIP access bringing you tons of great benefits such as:
- Ditch the ads and clean up the site
- Enhance gameplay with official game bots and auto clickers
- Increase the potential of your rewards
- Having fun playing with your VIP Coins
- Way more, check it out here:

Use the following coupon code for a welcome gift!

Watcha waiting for?

Join the best social gaming network in the world and experience the new magic of FGN.


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bbbcoin1 - 1 year ago

Great work guys!
Keep bringing new updates.
Tnks for all.