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[Update] 21/3/2020

- Referral payouts from Offerwalls have been increased to 20%,

- VIP accounts get +10% from referrals,

- Daily referral % increased to 20,

- Turbo faucet increased to 10-20 FGN per claim(10 is the minimum, 20 is the maximum, depending on your level).
This will allow your referrals to get you 1 FGN per claim they do. will probably rebrand in the next few days/weeks, so we can work on the bigger picture.

Future plans are the following:

In order to create demand for the token, there needs to be demand. In order to create demand, people need to be able to spend those tokens somewhere, somehow.

For that reason, the entire Faucet Gaming Network will be launching.
I can't remember how many games/sites are there, but the total user account of those games exceeds 200.000 users.

Sites will be launched slowly, not all at once.
I do not have any ETA, so please, bear with me.
When the time is right, I'll be launching one site by one.

Currently, we are working on restoring the site by fixing all the bugs that you report.
Thanks for this!

Stay tuned.