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[Important Announcement] How to get access to the new FocusGames BETA platform

Since the launch of FocusToken [FGN] and the re-launch of FocusGames (formerly in March 2020 we have been hard at work redesigning and building the new platform. Today I am happy to announce that from 3rd June you can get access to the BETA platform and get a taster of what's to come.

How to get access to the beta
To begin this will be a VIP-only BETA. Every VIP will be given a Beta Key upon request used to access the site along with the URL. After the platform is nearer to release we may open the beta for limited public access, or proceed with the full launch.

Can I use my current FocusGames account on the Beta Platform?
At present, no, you will need to make a new account. However, at the end of the beta all of your progress will be kept and merged with your old account, including tokens and on-site currencies. Be aware however that in the case of a serious bug this may need to be re-assessed.

What can I expect when using the Beta Platform?
The platform is still under constant development, therefore pages will be missing and certain things will not function correctly, and changes will be made on a daily basis. Feedback of non-working functions and bugs is encouraged.

Make sure you are around on 3rd June 1PM UK time!

Wannads boost x10


we mistakenly reduced wannads by 90% 20 days ago..

Now we've boosted it by 10.

Double VIP promo is on for 24 hours.
Have fun!


Hi guys!

It's been near 1 month since FocusGames (old re-launched, and we are glad to announce that there are 15000+ users registered on the platform, in just ~1 month!

To celebrate this, we have decided to give VIP for 24 hours for the entire day of April 15th.
(UK timezone — use converter to see your local time )

What does this mean?

This means you'll be able to play all our games, without having to click on them, It all goes full auto, and you will hide all the ads.
Also, when you do an offer or a survey that rewards you more than XX FGN, it will be automatically doubled and credited into your balance!

We thank you for your trust and wish you a happy holiday if you are celebrating.
Stay safe and don't be shy to say hi in our chat!

New offerwall, VIP boost for 24 hours!

Hello everyone,

We have been accepted by TheoremReach offer wall provider as a publisher.
To celebrate this, we will boost OWs for VIP users for 24 hours.

AdGateMedia Offerwall boost for 24 hours


since we added AdGateMedia offerwall, there was a big demand for their surveys and offers.
Since that specific offerwall currently is the most profitable for FG and users, we decided to boost rewards by 25%.


New offerwall added

We will be adding offerwalls slowly. Our main focus is to provide as many possible ways to get FGN.

The latest offerwall we added is AdGateMedia.

Please keep in mind, Faucetgame doesn't control which countries will be able to do surveys and offers, that's solely up to offerwall provider/advertisers.

[Update] 21/3/2020

- Referral payouts from Offerwalls have been increased to 20%,

- VIP accounts get +10% from referrals,

- Daily referral % increased to 20,

- Turbo faucet increased to 10-20 FGN per claim(10 is the minimum, 20 is the maximum, depending on your level).
This will allow your referrals to get you 1 FGN per claim they do. will probably rebrand in the next few days/weeks, so we can work on the bigger picture.

Future plans are the following:

In order to create demand for the token, there needs to be demand. In order to create demand, people need to be able to spend those tokens somewhere, somehow.

For that reason, the entire Faucet Gaming Network will be launching.
I can't remember how many games/sites are there, but the total user account of those games exceeds 200.000 users.

Sites will be launched slowly, not all at once.
I do not have any ETA, so please, bear with me.
When the time is right, I'll be launching one site by one.

Currently, we are working on restoring the site by fixing all the bugs that you report.
Thanks for this!

Stay tuned.