Viewing Help: How can I check the status of my withdrawal? I didn't receive my $$, what's happening?

Keep in mind that withdrawals are processed as follows:
1- Amounts are temporarily transferred to your Focus Gaming Network MicroWallet’s account after you confirm the withdrawal;
2- Email confirmation is required after each withdrawal;
3- Withdrawals (from MicroWallet to your personal wallet) are processed only if the total amount pending for withdrawals reach at least 20,000 FGN;
4- Withdrawals (from MicroWallet to your personal wallet) are processed every day at midnight UK time only;

In case of issue, and before contacting the moderation team, please make sure to:
1- Make sure your wallet is TRC-20 token compliant. We recommend using TronLink;
2- Check the status of your withdrawal by checking your Focus Gaming Network MicroWallet's status, available here;
3- If withdrawal has been processed and you haven't received anything, please:

a. Check your address in a tron blockchain explorer, for example Using this, can you see your tokens?

b. Double-check that the address you fed for withdrawal is the same as your personal wallet address.

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