Viewing Help: What are the site currencies? How do they work?

The site makes use of 5 currencies, and it is very important to understand how they work if you want to make full use of them. All of them can be tipped, rained, or played with.
Your balance for each of them can be quickly checked by hovering the mouse on top of your level bar, left to your username, on the top ribbon (PC only). Also, you can head to your wallet page to have a quick overview of all your assets.
As we'll see below, all of them have their unique particularities:

This is the main currency of the site, and the one you'll need if you want to "cash out".
FGN stands for Focus Gaming Network, and it is an actual crypto-currency. It is a TRC20 token and running on the TRON blockchain.
That means you can trade FGN tokens outside of this site, on a decentralized exchange.

FGBUX is the currency you get while doing surveys or offers at the offerwall. FGBUX could be seen as a stable currency pegged to the USD.
As such, you get rewarded the same amount of FGBUX while going through the same offer. You are not affected by the fluctuation of FGN. In the other hand, the exchange rate of FGBUX against FGN will fluctuate over time, depending on the actual value of FGN.

EXP stands for EXPerience, it is the currency that will define your experience level. The more you have, the higher your level is. And the bigger the rewards. And yes, that's right, you can also lose it all! Be wary of Rambo!

STREAK: is the currency you'll be spending mostly at the store. It can be exchanged with items that will increase your rewards. STREAK is called streak for a reason. Make sure you don't lose them all!
Visit your streak page to read more about streak levels and how it can benefit you.

VIP is the currency needed to get VIP status and unlock premium features. This currency decreases over time, at the rate of 1 VIP coin every second. You can purchase VIP coins by purchasing your VIP status.
To apply to VIP status, check here!!
To know about all VIP benefits, go this way.

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