Viewing Help: Slot machine - How to play?

How to play
1- Make sure you select the currency you want to bet
2- In “bet amount”, input the number of coins you want to bet on each roll. See below for the maximum bet amounts you’re allowed to bet for each roll.
3- You’re up to go, click on “spin”

Note for VIPs, autoplay can be enabled. This will roll and roll and roll until you tell it to stop.
To make use of the autoplay, just press the “Click to Start” button and come back when you’re rich! To stop it, press “Click to Stop”.

Bet amount:
This depends on your Vegas level. The higher your Vegas level is, the more you can bet.
The max amount depends on the currency you’ll choose to bet.
• For FGBUX: max amount = Vegas level
• For EXP: max amount = Vegas level / 2
• For FGN: max amount = Vegas level x 2

The payouts differ depending on the combination of the slots.
• 3 x Big Win: is the biggest rewards, will give you bet amount x 1000
• 3 x Bar: bet amount x 75
• 3 x 7 = 21 but will give you bet amount x 40
For other combinations, please click on the Show Payouts button just below the slots.

Your statistics are available on the bottom right corner, with means of two tabs:

· Session: is the statistics of your current playing session. It is resumed only if you refresh the page or if you stop and reactive the autoplay.
· All time: is the statistics from your registration until now.

Note that the stats show only the selected currency’s stats. You’ll need to select another currency if you want to see other all-time statistics.

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