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Reduce the 50 required faucet claim

Posted by 1 month ago
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Reduce the 50 required faucet claim
Posted 1 month ago
For kids, retired, home office workers and the unemployed maybe it is reasonable to fulfill it throughout the day, but for working class people who come home after 10-12 hours of work and after that cooks, does housework and maybe want to relax and sent some time with the family it is too much. I'm thinking of giving up my 114 day of streak just because of that. We don't want chat rains, green umbrellas - just the daily bonus and usually doing all capchas in one sitting (takes a lot more time since the ads) is a little beyond a casual use of any site. Please think with the head of your users and reduce it a bit.
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RE: Reduce the 50 required faucet claim
Posted 1 month ago, last edited 1 month ago
Agree ^_^ this is same trouble,  and with the decrease in the selling value of fgn, it makes it hard to do a captcha, if you imagine 1000 captha - equal to $ 1 in captha website, or change captha to rain captcha to get this web income and give 25 times for day, rain captcha give tihs web bitcoin and you can buy all fgn to increase fgn price again ^_^