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Theoremreach Surveys completed but not sustaining streak level

Posted by rebjane63 1 month ago
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Theoremreach Surveys completed but not sustaining streak level
Posted 1 month ago, last edited 25 days ago
This is the second time this has happened to me. This time I took screen shots to prove that I completed the Theoremreach survey and got the reward confirmation pop up.  I reported the first time on 9/15 to Mexicantarget through pm but got no response. I was on Streak day 38. I had done surveys every night after the reset to "climb the mountain." I did it and was enjoying VIP perks. Then on 9/15 after the reset I got the pop up message that I had lost all my streak levels. The irony is that the night before I had done the longest survey to date.  Now tonight 9/18 after the reset it happened again! I had started to "climb back up the mountain" and was on streak day 3--but I took screen shots of the survey reward in case this bug happened again.  9/23/2020 It just happened again for the third time! I was on streak day 5 and after the reset, just now, the pop up message informed me that I lost it all. I  just realized that all my Golden offer wall rewards are posted on that page under the tab "My rewards." It shows that I have never missed a day of completing surveys. There is no reason, except for a bug, for me to keep randomly losing all my streak levels.  9/24/2020 It just happened for the forth time. I lost my Streak level. I completed a Theoremreach survey, got the reward--as anyone with access to 'my rewards' stats on the Golden Offer wall can see. Please advise me. I really want to grow and keep my streak levels with the survey option.  9/28/2020 I switched to PollFish surveys and was able to climb to streak day 4--but I just got the popup message that I lost it all. My reward list clearly shows that I have not missed a single day of survey completions. Please see why the surveys are not registering on my account.  9/29/ It happened again for the sixth time. My survey did not register on my account but the reward for completion is there in the list. 
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RE: Theoremreach Surveys completed but not sustaining streak level
Posted 29 days ago, last edited 29 days ago
This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. This user has lost STREAK level four times despite fulfilling the offerwall requirements, and it's possible it's happening to other users as well who are not reporting it.