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About Withdraw Time Problem

Posted by pahe 1 year ago
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About Withdraw Time Problem
Posted 1 year ago
Just suggestion about withdraw time. Its every 24 hours set time,but its very difficult after every a couple of days to remember what exact time to make a withdraw again.Sometime this just mess me up,I think some others think so too like me. Lets say I withdraw now at 12.00 pm then for tomorrow I must come again at 12.01 pm or 12.03 pm (cant at 12.00 pm cos its depend on how fast I fill the withdraw form and how long confirmation email come into my inbox),then for next tomorrow I must come at 12.04 pm or 12.06 pm to make a withdraw again, and so on...thats difficult to do everyday. So my suggestion : May the withdraw time get reset time like Daily Bonus Reset time every 24 hours, so we can come to withdraw in this 24 hours period at no mater what time to come to make withdraw.This will make everything easy :) Or just make timer countdown at withdraw page that tell when withdraw can be make again.So we are know exact time to open the withdraw page again so we not repeat open again and again the page and the time not come and dont know what time exactly to do it Thank You