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Signed up 1 year ago
A "today" tab under my stats
Posted 1 month ago
When you play games you can see wagered against profit and wins against losses under stats. I would like to see a third option that is "Today" So it looks something like:                  MY STATS SESSION | TODAY | ALL TIME I hope I made sense of what I'm requesting ^^

RE: I'm banned!
Posted 4 months ago
What a strange rule. As you know, my account level is more than 2700. I don't need to get FGN or EXP from the rain, I have more than 20 million FGN in my account now,I just need to complete the daily tasks. By the way, PM is not allowed after being banned.It's a really bad feeling. I agree on all of the above.

Opt-out from half hour rains.
Posted 4 months ago, last edited 3 months ago
Since the mods goes after the rule of how many messages you've made during the past hour and what time they were posted and not for the reason of the post. It makes me stressed. I always thought they went for people who obviously was rain leeching. But it still always made me try to remember checking what time it is so I don't post to close every half hour. I don't always remember that, and now I got to taste the banhammer for it. I'm not here for the rain other then what is necessary for the Daily Bonus, it's just an extra fun little feature. I would like to be able to turn the rainpool rains off in the chat settings so I don't get banned for that reason.