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Signed up 9 months ago
RE: EXP Grinder bonus not working
Posted 7 months ago
Same here, since today....

RE: CSS making and applying
Posted 6 months ago
Everybody can copy and paste all CSS, whatever thats, since is no copyright. All source code is open source, if someone wanna keep the css code (No Copyright), the simple thing, keep it in the box with keys.

RE: Regulate ads
Posted 6 months ago
Need to improve ADS rules, like a max link at 1 ADS, or lenght of ADS. 

RE: Pause/edit/cancel function for ads
Posted 7 months ago
Should be check before post the AD... :) Good Idea....

RE: Daily tip max limit
Posted 7 months ago
Same problem too here....

Posted 9 months ago
Post has been deleted 9 months ago

Need sticky menu
Posted 9 months ago, last edited 9 months ago
I think we are need a sticky menu on top bar to make eassy accesse to main menu. And?use gradient background better than using wallpaper, that I think. But for mobil or device with max-width 600px, sticky menu was allready good, responsive work good, n for device with max-width 800px chat need be fixed.