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RE: where's my account? someone delete it in 2019?
Posted 3 months ago
This question discussed already many times. FaucehHub was closed since 12 Dec 2020 year. There were many warnings about upcoming closing, each who visited FH chat in last site working months saw it,was inforned and had pretty enought time for funds withdrawal. This site - FocusGames has no any conjunction to Faucet Hub, exept designed and operated same owner. We all signed up again here. Each could take old name from FH, but nothing from old FH account were transferred here. We all started from the beinning here, so you cant recover FH account. Use your new account which you had create alredy here and forget about FH. Well, I haven't got any info or email about that closed before. My last visit was 2019 May. I check my email everyday,also checked SPAM and TRASH everyday, no warnings or email about FH close at all. Maybe I'm just unlucky without any information. There‘s nothing left in my account so I'm trying to delete this account and forget here. Anyway, thank you for reply. FH hub is gone, your account there is gone, your coins there are gone, there is nothing to recover, it was stated in the TOS on FH that all users were not supposed to use the FH as a storage unit for the coins, if you got the email to come back then the Admin had the email to send the email that it was closing and if you didn't withdraw your coins it is what it is, nothing can be done.