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rain on win
Posted 9 months ago
rambo rain on win is not working i tried every bet from 100-6000 fgn 

Posted 9 months ago
Post has been deleted 9 months ago

Posted 9 months ago
MEX We see the problem you have and we understand but still all my balances is 0 and i did not get any fgbux back like in the post Any trades from FGBUX to FGN that happened with a rate of 1 to 20 or more will be reversed and you will be given FGBUX back even my fgbux i had is gone as well That i hade  over 1.3mil

Low FGN value increase withdrawl
Posted 9 months ago
FGN Value keeps dropping and we still can only withdraw 50 k fgn lots of guys is giving up on fg and leaving. mex can you do something for us to keep us all happy and keep us here. what is your guys take on this

Where is my ADS?
Posted 11 months ago
A lot of our ads is gone for no reason if you ask they say it was removed as a result of spamming!! Also There is no rules to the ad tabs and when they ban that ads for spam you lose your fgn you payed for the ads  what do you guys think  we did not break any rules and when you take it up with a mod they ban you  If we pay for a service aka ADS we want our service