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Withdrawal emails not being recieved
Posted 1 year ago
for the past 3 days, i have requested a withdrawal, but have not got the confirm email. I have checked my email and the email isn't in my junk or my spam, or trash. The last withdrawal email i got successfully was on Tuesday last week. The login notifications actually stopped coming on Thursday. Email addresses from focusgames are whitelisted. The email server is configured to also forward emails to 2 other email addresses, and neither of those emails addresses have received the email either. All other email is working, so wondering if you can check on your side? For example, I did a withdrawal from coinpot over the weekend without problem, all emails were recieved. Also have a suggestion, when a withdrawal is made, there is an hour time limit. After that hour is up, the withdrawal is cancelled. However, there is no option to retry, and also, when another request for withdrawal is placed, it says that the daily limit has been hit. Can that be fixed please? Can the limit only be implemented if the withdrawal is completed? thanks  for looking into this. Let me know if you get any bounce back emails or anything as i cant see anything on my mail server.

RE: fgn wallet
Posted 1 year ago
I was afraid you'd say that lol  Unfortunately I've got a new computer this week so have lost which wallet i was using. I have Tronlink but the wallet address shows no previous transactions. So do you have a record of the previous ones? Or can you let me know which wallets you guys used to recommend on the previous site, as that is the one i would have used.  Its very possible i installed another wallet which is a chrome plugin, but have totally forgotten which one. thank you!

fgn wallet
Posted 1 year ago
hi there,           I like the change in game, but it seems my previous withdrawals from the old site have gone missing. I had a few thousand FGN withdrawn and in the wallet (waiting to build up up to the 20K limit) but i cant seem to see them anywhere now. Can you let me know how to view that? I don't see it in the Transaction history so can't verify if i still have them. My username is samsip  thank you Sam