jlongtin74 Level 736

Signed up 8 months ago
oops connection to server failed
Posted 6 months ago
Hello, I initially started playing this on my Iphone 8+ but have since been unable to utilize it as I keep getting the above listed notice. It started out happening periodically, then consistently and now I can't even log in with my Iphone. I am using the same network now on my laptop and the connection stalls every now and then, but it works. I have tried other networks with the same result. Additionally, I am able to surf the web with my Iphone, check mail etc, just can't access this site from it. I have tried talking to Apple, my service provider as well as MODS in chat. I have reset network settings on my phone, reset my router, and modem, powered my phone off and on, made sure pop up blockers is off etc.... Please help, as I would like to access remotely from time to time. Thanks in advance, Jim