trumptower Level 2255

Signed up 1 year ago
rambo taking all resources & losing all the time for me its supposed to be about having fun
Posted 5 months ago
i play this game for fun & having lost everything it is no longer fun anymore, i have been gambling since i was a 10 year old kid in blackpool england & i know verry well about winning & losing on games but when it comes to just losing all the time i would hate to say its time to move on because i dont want to ive been on mex's sites for over 5 years now since faucet games in 2016 ive seen alot of people diss appear including good online friends i would like to see this site succeed but it needs much needed help i was over level 2k twice now & lost all & over 600 million FGN several times & lost all Im def not here to make $ but wud like to play without losing all the time, im not a loser. MEX I hope u see this msg & give me some advice thx (never gonna give u up)