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RE: Faucet claim doesn't claim
Posted 10 months ago, last edited 10 months ago
I get the same problem increasingly more often, becoming a loop of clicks going nowhere, and it's getting very annoying. Isn't there anything that can be done?

Faucet claim doesn't claim
Posted 11 months ago
Sometimes, when I click on "Claim FREE FGN!" or "Complete your claim" I return to the same page and I have to click again.

EXP Grinder bonus not working
Posted 11 months ago
Hello! My EXP Grinder bonus is not counting my EXP, so I'm totally unable to complete the daily bonus. I can't either do a Golden offer because there are no surveys available on Pollfish today for me. I have cleaned cache, restarted the browser, restarted the computer, restarted the router, tried with another browser and tried with another device. Is there any way of no losing the streak? Thank you very much.