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RE: Low FGN value increase withdrawl
Posted 7 days ago, last edited 7 days ago
Rome wasn't built overnight, nor successful projects are. For FH, it took an entire year to be quite profitable and run the way it ran. I can create demand in many ways, but that's not the point of the site. I want to launch all my old games on here. Every game you remember, with a few exceptions. Real demand will come when deposits open. When demand for the shop/store and in-game purchases comes in, you'll make other posts, to increase withdrawal limits, etc. Deposits will be opened in the next 3-6 months. I need to make sure everything works perfectly before I unleash the beast. Currently, I'm really caught up in real and my time is consumed by stuff that need my full focus :( For real. You know I'm here for the long term and that I'll push my stuff until I can't anymore. Regarding getting other exchanges listing FGN, it's a bit complicated. FGN is a TRC20 token, meaning, not every exchange supports TRC20 for the X or Y reason. If you know of any exchanges having TRC20 tokens, please feel free to contact them and ask them to list FGN. Have fun :)

RE: Purchased ad in the RU chatroom appeared at the top of the chat instead of the bottom
Posted 3 months ago, last edited 3 months ago
This is because there are a few chat rooms which do not load/update their content until you click the tab. RU chat is one of them. If you do this you will get the behaviour you see: Load the page -> Visit the AD tab -> Post an AD to RU -> Visit the RU chat -> Your ad is the first message to be added, the chat then triggers to load the rest and it appears like your ad is at the top. Reload the page, and visit the RU chat again to see it's in the right place. A small visual bug but unlikely to be resolved.